Venice, known as the floating city, lies inside a large lagoon in Italy.

The construction of Venice city started back in 421 AD.

floating cities  was built on 118 islands in the center of Venetian lagoon of the Adriatic Sea. 

Timber was used in the construction of the foundation of ancient buildings of Venice city.

Other than timber, crushed stone and limestone were used in the construction of buildings

Piles were formed in the shape of a pencil. The bottom end of the pile provided the point resistance to cut through the sediments of muddy sand.

6-12 piles of diameter range of 10 to 30 cm were provided in 1 m2 area. 

In the construction of a single building, the installation of piles into the soil took more than one month.

Crushed stones and stone debris were filled between the piles to prevent soil erosion.

Area of the Venice city is around 5,909,000 m2.

Around 11 million timber piles below the city were used.

Most of the buildings in Venice, that we see today, were constructed after the 16th century.

The existing piles are strong enough to withstand fires, hostile weather conditions, and massive superstructure load.