Do You Know? How To Make Our Room Smell Amazing?

Here Are The 7 Secrets Way To Make Our Room Smell Amazing. 

1- Use baking soda for the absorbing bad smells.

2- Make a DIY Room Spray.

3- Use Lemons

Put the lemon in pot with water & let them simmer on low on stove for hours, you feel a beautiful smell.

4- Roast your coffee beans

Just take couple of coffee beans & put it in oven for 10 minutes and open the door. You feel an amazing smell.

5- Purify air with activated charcoal.

6- Use a cup of vinegar.

You just leave a cup of vinegar in kitchen overnight to wake up with a fresher-smelling kitchen.

7- Hang dried herbs in your room. Dried herbs like olive branches, sage, & bay leaf.