Anyone can become civil Engineer by holding a graduate degree in civil engineering technology and a license for promotion to senior positions.

Important Qualities for a civil Engineers

1- Decision making skills

Civil engineers must be able to make good decisions based on best practices.

2- Leadership skills. 

Civil Engineers must be able to lead planners, surveyors, construction managers & implementing their project plan.

3- Math skills

Civil engineers use the principles of calculus, trigonometry, and other  topics in mathematics for analysis, design, & troubleshooting in their work.

4- Organizational skills.

 Civil engineers also often manage several projects at the same time, thus must be able to balance time needs and to effectively allocate resources.

5- Problem-solving skills.

Civil Engineers must be able to use their skill & training to develop cost-effective, safe, and efficient solutions.

6-Speaking skills

Civil engineers must present reports and plans to audiences of people with a wide range so they must have speaking skills.

7-Writing skills

Civil engineers must be able to write reports that are clear, concise, & understandable to those having no technical background.