Do You Know Cost Of Stairs With Different Tread Material In USA?

Wooden Stairs Cost

Wooden Stairs Cost between $50 - $150 per step, depending on the wood type. 

Stone Stairs Cost

The average cost of stone stair per step is $100 - $120.

Brick Stairs Cost

The price of brick stair per step ranges from $60 to $100.

Metal Stairs Cost

 Metal stairs average cost is between $100 to $200 per step.

Concrete Stairs Cost

Concrete Stairs Cost between  $200 to $300 per step.

Glass Stairs Cost

Glass stairs installation cost is  between $150 to $250 per step.

Composite Stairs Cost

Composite stairs average costs ranges between $80 to $150 per step.

Install Tile on Stairs

 The average Cost to Install Tile on Stairs   is $80 to $150 per step.