The official name of the tower was the Clock Tower, but it was renamed Elizabeth Tower in 2012

The tower was designed by Augustus Pugin in a neo-Gothic style.

Elizabeth Tower is made from

850 cubic metres of stone.

2,600 cubic metres of brick.

Anston stone & Caen limestone.

Height of the Big Ben is  316 feet (96 m).

The Big Ben has 11 floor.

It is the third tallest clock tower in the UK.

There is a spiral staircase with 290 stone steps up to the clock room.

Minute hands are 4.2 metres long (14ft) and weigh about 100kg.

There are 312 pieces of glass in each clock dial.

During the Second World War, the clock tower survived and Big Ben continued to strike the hours.

The original cost of the project was estimated to be roughly £29 million, but this was then more than doubled, to £69