Here Are The 9 Best Way To Organize Your Tiny House.

1- Use Under Stair Space As Storage 

The left spaces below the stairs can use to store the kids toys, clothes, etc.

2-Maximize Your Shelf Space

Arrange your wall shelves horizontally and place your stuff on it.

3- Add Shelves In Washroom 

Install the shelves in the less use place of  washroom and put all the washroom stuff in it.

4- Build A Floor

If the tiny house has a sufficient height they we can go for a floor and we can use it for sleeping purposes.

5- Use Hidden Storage

 Install drawers the drawers at the suitable location and use it as the storages.

6-Hang Kitchen Items

Hang a rode with the help of ropes and use the hanging rode to hold the kitchen item.

7- Keep Laundry Room Organized

Mini washers & dryers or laundry combo units are always space-saving solutions for tiny homes so use them accordingly.

8- Adding Painting 

Use painting on the empty side walls that will give you a pleasant experience to your eyes. 

9- Add Greenery 

Arrange your shelves in the horizontal  directions and let the green plant going to the shelves.