1- Place Extra Chairs 

Placing the extra chairs on less useable place gives a glorious view of kitchen and better use of low traffic area.  

2-Make Sure That Natural light Comes properly-

Just because a kitchen is functional doesn't mean you ignore the natural light. Place your windows at proper location so that sun light comes easily into your kitchen.

3-Use Open Shelves 

Play with open shelves and place some small plants, or kitchen accessories like jar, grater, cup, juicer, pan, etc on the open shelves.

4-Play With Small Plants 

Placing some greenery in your kitchen gives a natural vibes so place the small plants specifically  near the sink.

5- Go With Black & White Colors 

If you are the lover of black & white combination then go with it without any doubt, it's gives a peaceful feeling to eyes and leave an good impression to your relatives

6-Play With Hanging Lights 

The hanging lights gives a bright lightning that helps us in cleaning of kitchen accessories or during the slicing and dicing.

7- Provide A Transparent Windows 

A transparent mirror window in the kitchen gives a wonderful view of outdoor specially if your windows is located towards the garden, river, lake, ponds, or your kitchen is located in high rise building.

8-Go Bold With Yellow  Color

Paint your shelves with yellow color especially when the natural light not comes properly in the kitchen.

9- Provide breakfast Table

If Kitchen has a extra space then provide a breakfast table or simple table for the morning coffee sip.