9 Best Tiny House Communities In USA

1- WeeCasa

It is located at breathtaking mountains of Colorado. WeeCasa Offers short-stays,  nightly rental vacationers.

2- Escalante Village

Escalante Village Is located at Durango, Colorado. It offers access to trail networks and a river path. They have 400 square feet at a 6,512-foot elevation tiny houses.

3- Caravan

It is located at Portland, Oregon. They offer rental option for those who wanting to live in tiny homes but not buy a tiny home.

4- River Ridge Escape

They have several tiny home communities in different locations. They offer to buy plots or lease, & each option includes a variety of amenities & cool features.

5- Community First! Village

It is Located at Austin, Texas. They have140 micro homes, 100 RVs, and 20 canvas-sided cottages offering affordable, permanent housing

6- Cedar Springs Tiny Village

It is located at Cedar Springs, Ohio. They Offers full-fledged tiny homes village.

7- Orlando Lakefront At College Park

It is located at Orlando, Florida. They offers short & long-term rentals on Lake view and  permanent parking space for tiny homeowners.

8- Lake Walk Community

It is located at Greer, South Carolina. They offers Nature trails, mountain views, communal gardening for the tiny home owners.

9- Palm Canyon Mobile Club

It is located at Palm Springs, California. They offers tiny homes between 600 & 1,100 square feet.