Best Tiny Home Builders In Florida USA

1- Boxhaus

The construction cost offfer by  Boxhaus is around 300$ and it may vary depending on constructing type. They offer 5 Tiny house models.


Moveable Roots is tiny home builders in Florida, based in Melbourne. The construction costs of tiny house varying from  $80,000 – $150,000.


Sanctuary tiny home builder construction cost stating from the $54,000. 

4- Tampa Bay Tiny Homes

Tampa Bay Tiny Homes builders offer custom renovations and remodeling and they  focusing on sustainability, technology, and nature. The construction cost of tiny houses started from  $13,995+ to $74,996+

5-Trailer Made Trailers 

It is based in Colorado, but they serve Florida’s entire state with trailer options for tiny houses. The construction cost starting from $3500 +.

6- Gulf to Lake Sales

Serving the Central Florida area, Gulf to Lake carries hitches and trailer accessories as well. Pricing range  custom $2,800 and up.

7-Tiny Homes By Design

They are leader in new construction, custom-built tiny homes throughout Florida.

8-CAT Tiny Homes

They offers custom design services, and can modify and customize almost every part of your tiny home.