11 Best Options for Kitchen Countertops Selections 

1- Laminate kitchen countertop

 It is thin layer of plastic laminate material bonded to a core of particleboard. It is most affordable options but can peel up, chip, and scorch easily..

2- Granite Slab Kitchen Countertops

A solid granite sab is used to make a kitchen countertop. Granite is a fairly expensive material but  it is  durable and it improve home real estate values. 

3-Granite Tile Kitchen Countertop

These are small, manageable tiles that resemble ceramic tiles & these are installed with the help of cement-board. Granite tile is the cheapest and offer some degree of prestige.

4-Marble Kitchen Countertop

The marble is the natural stone that is in high demand in the making of kitchen countertops but the main problem is it is very soft & porous stone that must be carefully & repeatedly sealed if used for kitchen countertops.

5- Slate Kitchen Countertop

The slate is hard, durable stone material for countertops since it is relatively non-porous and well resists stains and it also resist bacteria. The main problem is there is limited color option.

6-Solid Surface Kitchen Countertop

It is synthetic material originally created as an alternative to stone. These countertops are more affordable than the  natural stone and engineered quartz.

7- Quartz Kitchen Countertop

The quartz countertops are an engineered stone product and now a days there are very popular to use as kitchen countertop. These countertops are more durable and different colors and styles are available. 

8-Concrete Kitchen Countertop

The Concrete Kitchen Countertop is created during the construction of the kitchen with the concrete. The concrete can be colored, textured & polished to a shiny gleam. 

9- Stainless Steel kitchen Countertop

They are normally custom-fabricated to precise specifications and installed by custom craftsmen. It is germ-resistant but very expensive countertop option.