1-Re-Style Your Bookshelf

You could fill it with books or  decorative vases and sculptures to break up the monotony of a wall of books.

2- Use Photos On Walls

Use the passageway or corridor walls and attractive it up by making it a gallery wall.

3- Increase Natural Lights Using Mirror's 

A mirrored wall enhances the natural light in the apartment.

4- Create  A Gallery's on The Wall

The gallery wall gives a wonderful experience and eye-catching artworks .

5- Use Color On The Flooring

Play with color on flooring specially In glasses rooms. 

6-Play With Small Spaces

Graphic prints and plants can have major impact in a small space such as a powder room.

7- Place Plants  in Washroom 

The plants in the washroom gives a pleasant experience.

8- Install New Lighting

If there's anything that can improve the looks of a room, it's a light fixture.

9- Use Lighting On Plants

Lighting on the greenery specially white color lights gives a wonderful view.