8 Things to Know Before Joining The Tiny Home Community.

1- First know that types of  amenities do you get access when you moving to tiny house communities, because different type community offers different amenities.

2- Each community have their own culture, so decide what type of culture do you like before joining any tiny house communities. 

3- Before joining any tiny house communities first properly gather information about your neighbors, because nobody wants bad neighbors.

4- Before join any tiny house communities first you have to know, what type of tiny house you want to live in? Are you want wheel tiny house or foundation tiny houses for living?

5- Get the information about tiny house communities like it is certified or not, it meet local building codes or not before joining the tiny house communities. 

6- Before joining any tiny house community, you should gather the information like what types of view ( mountainous, river view, etc) you get if you join them.

7- The last thing you should know, Does they charge for electric and water uses?